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Hey there, I'm Tyler, I am a one man band videographer and my passion is to capture all these joyful and unique moments inspired me to start TMBProductions.  I am continually captivated by people, places and the journey.   I am humbled by my clients who instill their confidence in me

to make their event special.  My promise to myself and my clients is that

I will always be motivated to seize the perfect moment that will last a lifetime.


Growing up in rural Vermont gave me the opportunity for unlimited adventures (even in my own backyard).  Fascinated by life and the outdoors, I started shooting videos I could share with my friends and family.  What started as a hobby, turned into a lifelong love and career. I consider my style to be upbeat cinematic with a

moody look, with a hint of blue. Most importantly, I

love to have movement. You will never see me sitting

behind my tripod, I love to get that perspective as if

you were there, reliving the moment again. 

On my down time, I enjoy adventuring with my fiancé

and my dog Ollie, watching movies, and am always

down for new things. Catch me playing some video

games on my downtime, I think it is a perfect way to

relax and escape from the everyday stresses! 

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